2 Custom Sized Neoprene Fork Covers (All Colors GEN4)

2 Custom Sized Neoprene Fork Covers (All Colors GEN4)

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Our Price: $45.00

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Extended Inner Tube Length (mm)*:

1 pair of Gen 2 neoprene fork covers for inverted forks. Includes 6 black releasable zip ties. These standard size fork covers will fit sport bikes with inverted forks that have an outer tube diameter (at their widest point at the fork seals) of 52mm - 62mm diameter or circumference between 180mm-195mm. They will fully cover the inner tube up to 177mm when completely extended.

The photo shows which measurements I need. If your forks don't fit in this range I will make Custom covers for only $10 more than the price as the standard Gen 4 covers ($35 including shipping).

Round your measurements UP to the nearest option in the list below. You will need to lift the front wheel of the bike off the ground in order to get the Extended Inner Tube Length. Measure the outer tube at the fork seal location where the diameter is largest for the Outer Tube Circumference or Outer Tube Diameter. Please use millimeters for both measurements.

Gen 1 fork covers are made with low grade SBR neoprene. Gen 2 and 3 fork covers are made with higher grade neoprene made of 70% SBR and 30% CR. 100% CR grade neoprene is the type of material used for wet suits. I'd love to use it but my fork covers would be twice the price if I did. The differences between Gen 1,2, and 3 are minimal. They will all work, but I fine tuned the sewing details and a few minor design elements from one generation to the next. Gen4 fork covers use thicker and stronger polyethylene thread, and make the taper in a more precise way. The taper helps the cover fit better because the inner tube is always a smaller diameter than the upper tube. I also sew the hook and loop velcro patches on with a much stronger stitch pattern.

(Yeah, I was born in 1975; adding text to photos digitally wasn't a thing back then!)