2 Neoprene Fork Covers (All Colors)

2 Neoprene Fork Covers (All Colors)

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Product Code: FCV3BLK

Velcro straps or Zip Ties:

1 pair of Gen 2 neoprene fork covers for inverted forks. Includes 6 black releasable zip ties. These standard size fork covers will fit sport bikes with inverted forks that have an outer tube diameter at their widest point at the fork seals of 55mm - 62mm diameter or circumference between 180mm-195mm. If your forks don't fit in this range I will make custom covers for the same price as the standard Gen 3 covers ($25 including shipping). Please see "2 Custom Sized Fork Covers"

This is the 3rd generation of my fork cover. Since the inner tube is always a smaller diameter than the outer tube it made sense to taper the shape of the fork cover so that it decreases in width towards the bottom. Yes, the taper on both sides of the fork cover is intentional. No, I wasn't DWS (drinking while sewing)!

Gen 1 fork covers are made with low grade SBR neoprene. Gen 2 and 3 fork covers are made with higher grade neoprene made of 70% SBR and 30% CR. 100% CR grade neoprene is the type of material used for wet suits. I'd love to use it but my fork covers would be twice the price if I did. The differences between Gen 1,2 and 3 are minimal. They will all work, but I fine tuned the sewing details and a few minor design elements from one generation to the next.