(1) ONE Argentine Lignum vitae END GRAIN knee slider SUPER HARD

(1) ONE Argentine Lignum vitae END GRAIN knee slider SUPER HARD

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1 (ONE) Argentine Lignum vitae (ALV) end grain knee slider SUPER HARD

Lignum Vitae, translates from latin as "wood of life". ALV and all other trees in the genus guaiacum are considered to be some of the hardest woods in the world. ALV has a Janka scale rating of 4,200! Ipe is rated at 3,680, and white oak is 1,360. Their incredible density as well as the waxy nature of wood makes them Puck-Em's longest lasting sliders. End grain is slightly more wear resistant and wears a little slower than flat grain. The only disadvantage of end grain sliders is that it tends to chip around the edges when they bang into curbing. If you lift your leg when passing over curbing then chipping should not be an issue at all. If you know you do bang into curbing yet want the longest lasting slider possible then the flat grain ALV may be a better choice for you than end grain.

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY so you can mix and match wood species, grain type and size to find which one works best for you.
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2 7/8" x 2 9/16" (+/- 1/8")
73mm x 68mm (+/- 3mm)

3 1/16" " x 2 7/8" (+/- 1/8")
78mm x 73mm (+/- 3mm)

^SMALL SQUARE Dimensions:
2 7/8" x 2 7/8" (+/- 1/8")
73mm x 73mm (+/- 3mm)

^LARGE SQUARE Dimensions:
3 1/16" x 3 1/16" (+/- 1/8")
78mm x 78mm (+/- 3mm)