06-16 YZF-R6 Captive Caliper Bracket (SOLD OUT)

06-16 YZF-R6 Captive Caliper Bracket (SOLD OUT)

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Our Price: $50.00

Product Code: 06-16R6CCB

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Rear wheel changes can be a real pain in the ass especially if you are in a rush in between races! Quick change systems are stupid expensive but captures calipers are a cheap and easy solution. With a captured rear caliper that is permanently attached to the chain puller wheel changes become much easier If you add captured wheel spacers that don’t get knocked out with the slightest bump against the swing arm tire changes become a breeze. I make these from good used parts that I bead blast to a nice clean finish. $60 includes shipping to you. These are $130 plus shipping at Fast Frank’s website. I do mine by hand with a dremel so theirs are definitely prettier. Mine are easier on the wallet so you gave more $ for fresh tires! NOTE! The $50 is conditional upon you sending me your existing rear caliper hanger support and the right side chain puller). Add $40 if you want to keep your old parts and not exchange them. Do NOT include your chain puller adjustment bolt, the little metal “support pad” or the rubber boot with the exchanged parts.