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Puck-Em useful tips
1)Bed your Puck-Em sliders into the loop fastener (the soft side) of your leather suit's knees by wiggling them back and forth vigorously in all directions while pushing down on them very hard at the same. This will help the hook side (scratchy side) grab as many strands of the loop as possible and will secure them to your knees as well as possible.
2)Make sure the loop fastener on your leather suit is in good condition. If your loop is worn out, or damaged from a crash, no hook fastener will stick to it well. Consider having a leather repair shop replace the loop with hook. The loop wears out much faster than the hook. I make sliders with loop on the back for riders who have made the switch.
3)The most effective way to extend the life of your knee sliders, no matter what brand you use, is to touch your knee to the ground as lightly and as little as possible. Use your knee as an indicator of lean angle, not as a third wheel, per say. Make contact with the ground and then pick up your knee a little bit so it's not touching, or is barely touching. Putting a lot of weight on your slider not only wears it out faster, it can rob your tires of grip. Making a turn with your kickstand down on that side is an extreme example to illustrate the effect of putting a lot of pressure on your knee slider. It's a controversial issue, but there's my 2 cents, take it or leave it.
3)Orient your sliders on your knees so that the entire face is in contact with the ground. If the slider is at an angle and only a part of it is touching the ground it will wear down much faster. Puck-Em sliders are made flat on the top for this purpose. Almost all sliders are curved on the top and while they may look neat and stylish, they inevitably wear down much faster until you grind down the surface enough to have a large flat surface. Unfortunately, by that point they are probably almost completely worn out. Sneaky way to sell more sliders, huh?

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